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Change Management

Using the same organization that you selected in Week 1, propose a change that your organization could implement that would aid it strategically. The proposed change might relate to some area of need, performance deficiency, or other opportunity that you observe in the organization. Note: You will be proposing a change initiative related to motivation in next week’s assignment. Accordingly, focus your change project for this week’s paper in a direction other than motivation.

Write a paper addressing the following:

  • ———-Describe the change that you propose and defend its benefits to the organization.
  • ———-Evaluate how the proposed change may affect various groups of employees.
  • ———-Evaluate how the proposed change may affect various groups of employees.ge, including why you anticipate these conflicts.
  • ———-Defend at least three best practices to prevent or resolve those conflicts.
  • ———-Justify the channels of communication the organization should use in implementing this change.

APA format 4-5 pages

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