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Unit 3 DB: The Internet of Things (CIS112)

In today’s world, many people have home appliances and other devices that are controlled remotely and connected to the internet. These items are part of the vast network of interconnected devices known as the “Internet of Things” (IoT). There are a number of examples of this “interconnected” technology. Consider what IoT technology can do for home, work, and play.

Read the following article:

What is the Internet of Things? (Opensource.com, n.d.)
Opensource.com (n.d.). What is the Internet of Things?

Then post your answers to the following questions on the discussion board:

  • Do you currently use any IoT devices now? If so, what are they? If not, which IoT devices have you heard of or would you like to try?
  • If you do not use any IoT devices, do you know anyone who does?
  • What type(s) of IoT devices do you think most people will use? Why?
  • How are you concerned with IoT security?
  • What are some of the downsides to the Internet of Things?

Unit 3 DB: Managing Change and Innovation (MGT105 Principles of Management)

As a manager, your team is very diverse and some personalities like the status quo.  Your goal is to move forward an important project to its completion.  Think broadly and reflect on the chapter.  How can you reduce some of your team’s resistance to change?  Include and describe in your response at least one technique you have personally used, or can use, in order to spur innovation with your team.

Unit 3 DB: Letter U (Math 120 College Algebra)

Section 3.1 

When using the addition or substitution method, how can you tell if a system of linear equations has no

solution? What is the relationship between the graphs of the two equations?

Unit 3 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)

Companies often use leverage to augment profits.  Based on what you learned this week, please explain the following in detail:

  • With regards to Operating Leverage, please explain why a company with HIGH Operating Leverage faces greater financial risk in a declining sales period compared to a company with LOW Operating Leverage.  (HINT: The key here is the relation between fixed costs and variable costs.)
  • What does a business’s Contribution Margin represent?  What does the Contribution Margin have to do with Operating Leverage?

Unit 3.1 DB: Assessing Audience Needs and Choosing the Correct Medium (BUS311 Managerial Communication)

Choose  one of the scenarios below.

  • A dealer that Post Corp. sells to has missed three payments and you will send a final notice of payment indicating that you will begin legal collection procedures in two weeks if payment is not received in full.
  • Your company decides to run an advertisement during the Olympics for a new protein bar.
  • The new CEO plans to condense the hierarchy within the business.
  • You have to ask your parents to transfer money into your account while you are away at school.
  • The cover letter sent along with your resume.

Then for this discussion board, respond to each of the following questions based on the question’s relation to the scenario.  

  1. Who is the targeted audience?
  2. What will their expected reactions be?
  3. What information do they need to know?
  4. What is the best medium for delivering the message?  Explain your choice.

Unit 3.2 DB: “Bad” Business Communication (BUS311 Managerial Communication)

Find or write an example of a poorly written business communication letter and revise it.  Focus on improving it for clarity, word choice, sentence structure, paragraph structure, audience need, and clarity and conciseness.  Post both the original and revised communications to this Discussion Board for the class to view. 

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