There are two questions please read the attachment and write one

According to Federico Garcia Lorca ,there are four characteristics of  “El Duende”: (1) irrationality, (2) earthiness, (3) a heightened  awareness of death, and (4) a dash of the diabolical.

Please list two specific examples of “El Duende” that you can  find in the first two acts of the play. Use actual quotations from the  script itself, and explain which characteristics of the 4 above you  found in that quotation. (There are examples of el duende on literally  every page! So I don’t want you to copy other students’ examples: do not  repeat other students’ examples. First come, first served!)


Now that you’ve read the entire play, explain some of the  ways this script is unique. What aspects of this script might make it a  particularly exciting piece to stage for a director?

In what ways would this script pose (possibly inspiring)  challenges for actors and designers? Assuming you had the skill, what  role (actor, designer, director, etc.) would you want to take in a  production of this play?

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