The paper leaves much desired in terms of content. the language is


Dear Stephen,

This is to inform that your paper was amended by a professional editor, and the final version was forwarded to the customer.

The Paper leaves much desired in terms of content. The language is poor and there are many grammatical and stylistic errors. Cases of awkward/faulty sentence construction are many. At times, there is repetition in content. On the formatting front too, few mistakes are noticed. Much of the content was required to be replaced while making corrections.

Additionally, the price for this order was lowered to 65% considering the amount of corrections done.
Please check the newly uploaded file and try to avoid these mistakes in future.
If the customer requests a revision, be sure to revise the edited paper, not the original one.

From Uvocorp Editor. We’ve never had paper fined like this or editor commenting it like this previously,…Its honestly a very low quality paper…3 

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