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After reading the chapters, article, and watching the Teaching Channel videos, think about how these sources of information are related. Then, submit a synthesis (merging of the big idea(s)) to the discussion board. This should help you comprehend the information as well as see the overall ‘big picture’ presented in the module. Be careful not to summarize each source, instead merge the information and ideas into a central theme. Think about how this information will be useful to you as a classroom teacher. 

For full credit, please see the following rubric: 

Synthesis Rubric:

____/50   500word min.

Specific named examples from all areas of reading for that module:

_____/15 Textbook chapter (specific quoted information “On pg. 38 of Chapter 2, the text describes….”) 

_____/20 Video (specific examples, “In the video, Ms. Noonan….”

_____/15 Research article (specific examples “In Moats article,….”

Here are some videos:

I have uploaded articles and chapter 6 from the textbook. Please follow the rubric posted for the assignment.

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