Sociology: technology and society 6 week online class

I need someone to complete my class and get at least a B. The entire course is delivered online. The course just started on March 17th and ends on Sunday May 4th. I have the online version of the textbook, so you will be able to easily access it whenever you need to. You don’t t have to be responsible for the first weeks assignments since the first week is almost over.  A 3 to 5 page short writing assignment is due this Sunday which you will need to complete. In all, you will have to complete 2 short writing assignments, 2 Online Exams, and 2 Discussion Board Posts. So basically, your gonna have one assignment due every Sunday for 6 weeks. I the I have attached the syllabus to this message so you should read that over. The class started last monday March 17th and a short writing assignment is due this Sunday March 30th, so please let me know asap.




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