Reserved for perfecto (measuring organizational business decisions

I need this discussion question tonight if possible. MLA format. 1 page or less whatever is needed. ( If needed I’m a Nail Tech, and I work in Beauty Salon) Please cite and use other work cites if needed.


Measuring Organizational Business Decisions (beginning on page 48) are critical to business. If you are working now or in the past, compare and discuss your business success metrics with those listed and described. If you have little or no work experience, identify and discuss those metrics that you think would be most critical in business.


I need this assignment on Saturday or before. MLA format. 2 pages. Please cite and use other work cites if needed.


Pay particular attention to the portion of the text on expert systems. Could this tool be applied to the job that you do? Describe how an expert system could be integrated into your work environment either with your job or another job. If your work environment does not lend itself to the use of an expert system, describe how an expert system could be used in another business. Be sure to include a description of the application of the components of an expert system. Review the submission requirements for Assignments for the length and formatting of this assignment.






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