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I’m looking for someone able to do my final paper (12 pages) in Qualitative research class.

I already did a rough draft of 4 pages but it was not good, so I got some feedback from my professor that I will give you.

My subject for this paper is “How the intimate relationships can affect the well-being of student-athletes?”

Here’s some guidelines:

The paper has to be framed as narrative or as an ethnography research ((please write as a narrative, not as an outline): 

I. Introduction: Introduce your topic by describing the problem or issue – give background of the problem or issue, provide rationale for why the reader should care/ why the problem is in need of study. this section should:

•Point to deficiencies in the literature

•Signal an attempt to give voice to under-represented groups

•Signal a desire to probe understanding of central phenomenon

II. A  Literature Review: depth view of some of the relevant literature that addresses your topic or issue. This section should conclude with preliminary research questions or hypotheses for this assignment.

III. Proposed method: how do you intend to study the problem, topic, or issue?

10 – 12 page proposal ready to be submitted to the Institutional Review Board for approval.

I uploaded what I already did during my rough draft (word) and my professor’s feedback (pdf). 

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