Reasearch | Psychology homework help


Chapter One discusses research issues which are central to psychology. One goal of the course is to help make you an educated consumer of research. As such, you should pay particular attention to the section on research issues. You might also want to review your introduction to psychology text on research issues.

After you have read this chapter, visit the following websites and read about psychology research

Next, go to one of these sites and participate in an online study.

Once you have participated in a study, use the RESPOND button to answer the following:

First, give the title of the study in which you participated. Tell us who was doing the study, their affiliations and briefly describe the study. 

What do you see as the 2 most critical considerations to question when reading research? Why? There are certainly more than 2 elements of a research study that are critical but when you read research, what do you think are the two most important issues?

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