Psychology research/ statistics questions | Psychology homework help

1.       The minimum or maximum value that one would expect the test statistic yto yield if the null hypothesis is true is an example of which of the following?

a.       critical value

b.      F value

c.        t-test score

d.      Sampling mean

2.       If Professor Columbo is interested in the general trend of research findings regarding infant visual attention and childhood intelligence, what technique would be most amenable to his inquiry?

a.       Analysis of Variance (ANova)

b.      B. Meta-Analysis

c.       Multiple Analysis of Variance (Manova)

d.      Factor analysis

3.       David asks the first 10 freshmen he sees on campus a series of questions. This is an example of a __________________ sampling technique

a.       Convenience

b.      Simple random

c.       Quota

d.      Proportional stratified


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