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Abnormal Psychology – PSY211-702

Some have argued that Substance Use Disorders are not disorders or “addictions” but rather behavioral choices that people make. What are your thoughts on this issue? Do you believe that the use of substances is a matter of choice or is such behavior an illness which results in the loss of control and ultimately drug abuse? Post your response to the discussion board. 

Please Respond in 400 words. Lecture Notes Attached 

Reflection Paper

Many people experiment with drugs despite knowing their adverse consequences. Why do you think people are motivated to experiment with drugs? (2 paragraphs).

Juvenile Delinquency

TOPIC: Lesson 15 Juveniles Transferred to Adult Court

· Read section on probation in Juvenile court statistics 2015

Hockenberry, S., & Puzzanchera, C. (2018). Juvenile court statistics 2015. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. Retrieved from

QUESTION:-  What are some of the guidelines? Is juvenile probation effective? Research and review the juvenile probation system in your area. Respond in 400 words

Assignment 10

· Read Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court

National Institute of Justice. (n.d.). Juvenile Transfer to Adult Court. Retrieved from

· Review Flowchart of the Juvenile Court Process

National Juvenile Defender Center. (n.d.). Flowchart of the Juvenile Court Process. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.).

QUESTION: Based on your reading and research, should juvenile offenders be incarcerated with adults? Why or why not? Should the crime be a determining factor?

In 4 paragraphs, research and review the juvenile probation system in your area. What are some of the guidelines? Is juvenile probation effective? 

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