Present to stakeholders | Operations Management homework help


***Please Review the attachment before completing this it includes the organization that is the subject of this assignment****  Please address all 7 line items below

Take the role of the leader in the organization that you selected in Week 1. Determine a new problem that needs a solution in the organization but has not been solved yet.

Prepare a presentation that you will deliver to the Board of Directors regarding the problem and the necessary involvement of stakeholders in solving the problem. In your presentation to the board:

  1. Identify the problem and why you think it is a problem, and how it is affecting the organization.
  2. Identify who the stakeholders are.
  3. Analyze whether they are internal or external (or both).
  4. Justify why these are the appropriate stakeholders to involve in the process.
  5. Discuss what you need from the stakeholders in terms of assistance in solving the problem, how they can assist with data collection/analysis, and how they can assist in understanding what data you need.
  6. Determine the types of data that stakeholder groups can provide that you do not have as the organization’s leader.
  7. Indicate how the stakeholders can help to ensure that you are solving the problem and not treating a symptom. 

Length:  8 – 10 slides, not including title and reference slide

References:  Include a minimum of five scholarly resources.

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