Peer response 2 | ENG 121 English Composition I | Ashford University


  • Discuss similarities or differences between the fields.
  • Point out a connection to your own post by referencing similar experiences, or program of study and career choice.

Your response should be about 100 words.


 A Family Medicine Physician is a physician that is devoted to the health care of individuals of all ages. Therefore called a “Family Doctor”. A primary example of what a Family Medicine Physician does in their daily job tasks are administering treatment/medical care to treat or prevent illness. A few more examples would also be to preform medical tests/analyze records and collect/record patient information medical history/examination results. Personally, any career in the medical field that can aid individuals in their recovery regardless of the illness is an excellent job to me. Regarding my past, that I’ve talked about in last week’s discussion, I really want to help people as much as I can. The work values/abilities that being a Family Medicine Physician is being dependable/flexible/adaptable, and a real concern for others’ health. Being in the military made me able to adapt and be dependable as a shift leader and a supervisor. “Because of his compassion, curiosity, and interest in people, he was indeed able to provide continuing and comprehensive care within the family and community setting a job description for ideal general physician.” (Rouke, 2008 Can Fam Physician, para. 3). I have a few questions about this career field. The first one is about clinicals. Are clinicals required for this medical field? If so, how long would you have to attend clinicals for? Second question would be, how do individuals in the medical field cope with stress from work and home? I know everyone is different so they relieve stress in different ways. Last question that I have would be, is Covid-19 the only challenge this specialty faces currently?

Family Medicine Physician is not the medical field that I was interested in joining but it was a great learning experience to research to see what all is required (work values) and the daily tasks that they do. Nurse Anesthetists was going to be my first choice when I was researching careers but with Family Medicine Physician was a job that I have more similar traits and personal values with. My interest currently is to be in the baby medical field; anything that involves working with them. Therefore, Family Medicine tapped more into the career field that I was more interested in!


 I researched the prospective employer professional organization in the O*NET Online website is Association for Early Learning Leaders. The job title that is used during my search is education administrator. I picked the first result after the search because it appeared impressive and convincing for my future plans. This professional organization is a nonprofit organization that serves administrators of early care and education, owners, and directors. This organization strives to ensure that early care and education are successful by promoting leadership development and enhancing programs’ quality. This information aligns with the unique experiences and personal values I articulated in week 1 because the information supports my personal experiences and values. For instance, one of my personal values is patience, and I seek to help children improve their behavior and academic experience. The goal of the professional organization I got from the research is to strengthen the skills, abilities, values, and knowledge of its members to ensure they are able to achieve their personal goals of helping young learners succeed.

I am interested in ensuring that I advocate for young learners’ needs by creating a friendly learning environment. I also want to work in an environment that will support my values and challenge me positively for my career growth. Having run a daycare for 15 years, I have gained a lot of knowledge about children, how they learn, and their behaviors. The employer values the knowledge and abilities of its members to ensure children access quality education. Therefore, my values and knowledge match the organization’s values and we strive to achieve a common goal. The question that I have about my suitability for this career field is how the company environment will suit my career growth. This includes whether the career field offers opportunities for professional growth.

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