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A few of fields In cybersecurity that will be important in several years are Application Security, Network Security and Mobile Security. Both fields to me have a lot of growth opportunities and can be very dangerous if not used right. For instances application security plays a crucial part in our everyday life cycle which includes work, school, home use..etc. Certain application software can be very pricey, companies use it to evaluate security of the third-party software they may be using. Application penetration testing is a big help in order to exploit vulnerabilities in applications before hackers are able to discover them. Penetration testing are broken down into 5 stages which are analysis and WAF configuration, maintain access, planning and reconnaissance, scanning, and gaining access. Locking down the application is very important in so many ways. Mobile security is more important than ever before. More data is being stored on mobile devices so that gives the cybercriminal more opportunity to steal valuable information. More cybercriminals are focusing their efforts more on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They can easily steal more money and data from users this way. IT security administrators noticed it’s getting harder over the years in securing sensitive data. While cybercriminals use it as another way to compromise businesses. That’s why in today’s society more organizations have personally banned the use of mobile devices or their property. People still view mobile devices as being more secure than PC’s. They think PC’s have a real operating system while mobile devices have some sort of firmware that’s unbreakable, along security apps which is not true. Network Security plays a important fact in cybersecurity, there is so many attacks daily on networks. Some common internet attacks are eavesdropping, Trojans, viruses, phishing denial of service, and IP spoofing. Over a period of time companies started to notice many data breaches over a network begins with negligent employees. These kinds of breaches happens all over the world, the cost of data breaches could range over $4 million per breach. With is huge price tag can do major damage to a business and customers will start to lost their trust in a organization like a bank. When it comes to cost data breaches can also come with legal fines. FCC found out carriers had breached personal data up to 305,000 users through their lax data security practices and exposed users. Penalties by the FCC has not been a regulatory body of concern with respect of data security and breaches. Some of the career opportunities and pathways to cybersecurity certifications are as follows: A Entry-level helpdesk which requires a Security + certification. A Cyber Security Forensics Specialist, certified Pen Tester w/Polygraph requires Certified Pen tester, programming experience with Java, C, C++, Perl, Python, Enscripts, Linux/Unix, Mobile OS, Android certifications. A Cyber Security Penetration Test Engineer requires OSCP, GIAC, GPEN, GWAPT, GSSP, ITIL, or CISSP certifications

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