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The topic of the term paper is: Pollution from printers.

Here is the some related articles you can used. but you have to add more here at least 10 articles.

Cruz Sanchez, F., Boudaoud, H., Hoppe, S., & Camargo, M. (2017). Polymer recycling in an open-source additive manufacturing context: Mechanical issues. Additive Manufacturing, 17, 87-105., E. L., Wang, J., & Regens, J. L. (2017).

Fume emissions from a low-cost 3-D printer with various filaments. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, 14(7), 523–533.

Kreiger, M., & Pearce, J. (2013). Environmental Impacts of Distributed Manufacturing from 3-DPrinting of Polymer Components and Products. SSRN Electronic Journal. 

I have attached the guidance for the term paper and rubric too. Please read it carefully.

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