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Now that you have read the article, La Frontera,  I would like for you to prepare a paper comparing the findings with your school experience.

For example, the first finding is Community Characteristics. Here they discuss the population, bilingual-bicultural status, and economic deprivation (poverty).  The remaining findings address funding, retention of teachers, fluctuating enrollments, and family-student needs.  Work with these and use findings that relate to your school experience in your paper. You do not need to use them all but strive to give a good description of your school environment by using one of these findings.

I am looking for a two to three page paper, double-spaced with one-inch margins all around. Be sure your name is on the paper.  There is no need for footnotes or endnotes, bibliography. Ths is not a research paper but an essay. with that in mind, be sure to use examples from your experience and link them to the researcch finding you are addressing.

The paper is worth 20 points and is due Sunday, April 11 by 11:59pm.

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