Oil gas accounting- energy ratio formula

I need an experienced person who can do formulas for oil/gas energy ratios, I need the formulas done in excel (see attached excel to fill in). The company it needs to be done for is Apache, I have attached companys 2017 financial as well as an excel filed name XLS, please use these formulas to find what I need, just plug in the numbers  from the Apache statement to the example excel I have attached 

I have also attached a sample of the group project   go to section 3 VI

vi. Energy Specific Ratios

17. Reserves replacement ratios

18. Reserve life ratio

19. Net to gross wells ratio

20. Average reserves per well ratio

21. Average daily production per well ratio

22. Finding cost ratio per BOE ratio (Note: Select one formula, but be consistent.)

23. DD&A per BOE ratio

24. Value of proved reserve additions per BOE ratio (Note: Select one formula, but be consistent.)

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