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As outlined in the Design chapter of the Osterwalder text, napkin sketches are a quick and easy way for budding entrepreneurs to start prototyping.  Each student will look at their previous assignments and try to distill the essence of their idea in to a simple sketch. 

CREATE THE NAPKIN SKETCH: You will need to craft an image that is 6” x 6” in size; you do not need to hand draw it on a napkin.  It should include text that espouses one clear idea, not multiple thoughts.  It should also be clear and straightforward, not getting boated with too many details. 

This is a rough idea, the earliest form of a product development prototype.  Do not expect your napkin to be perfect or the final idea that you will land on.  This activity is about brainstorming and selling.  With the limited knowledge you have, you need to start getting others to see your vision so the project will have legs.

CREATE A LOOM VIDEO: After creating and posting the image file, create and submit a link to a video that you have uploaded.  Make sure that it is readily available and not protected by a password or network authentication; posting to loom is ideal for this as the link can be easily shared.  This video is a 90 second pitch, where you will use the napkin sketch to sell your new product or service.  We’ll be looking to see that the pitch matches the illustration in spirit.  You will also be graded on salesmanship and persuasiveness, so put some time and thought into the delivery.

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