Make a assignment based on submited documents page number 1 to 153


You will be given in the moddle site of the course a word documents containing 12 assessments related to the early sections of the course.

1.     What is Your Big Five personality? Is your OCEAN Profile

2.     Are you Introverted or Extroverted?

3.     Are You a Sensing or Intuitive Type?

4.     Understanding Your Score on the Schwartz’s Dominant Values Scale

5.     What Are Your Dominant Values?

6.     Individualism-Collectivism Scale

7.     What Is Your Level Of Power Distance?

8.     Assessing Your General Self-Efficacy

9.     How Much Perceptual Structure Do You Need?

10.   Assessing Your Emotional Empathy

11.  What Is Your Emotional Personality?

12.  How Do You Rate Your Emotional Intelligence?

You must complete 10 assessments.

o   Profile  complete 2pts

o   You must then research the assessment and discover how these characteristics show up in the workplace. Clear articulate description of the assessments in your own words no cut and paste – no lists – you must explain. You must use Academic quality of resources.  2pts

o   The strengths and weakness of your profile, given the context of a rapidly changing workplace with great diversity in culture.  2pts

o   What actions you could do the strengthen your profile to prepare you for a rapidly changing workplace with great diversity in culture.  2pts

o   Apa compliant fully referenced and cited with academically quality references. 2pts

File must be submitted into Turnitin and should not be more than 7 pages.

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