Long response questions | Sociology homework help

 Your essays will be graded according to 1)the rules of grammar, punctuation, proper word usage and spelling 2) meeting the minimum length requirements for each question (300 wprds each)and 3) thoroughness and accuracy of responses. You are to use your own words. Use of sources in addition to the course materials requires citations.


1) Discuss the relationship and similarities between the economic systems of socialism and communism. Why do these systems share a history of failure?

2) Contrast and compare the differences between the economic systems of capitalism and communism.

3) You will need to use outside sources to answer this question- Over the past year the federal government has passed a few Covid relief bills that cost trillions of dollars. How can this kind of government spending hurt our economy in the long run. You may wish to consider such things as currency devaluation, inflation, higher taxes, debt and dependency. The sources you select to use cannot be editorial/opinion pieces of others.

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