linux shellcode development (based on the buffer overflow topic) lab

– You need to submit PPT slides, a detailed lab report, with screenshots, to describe what you have done and what you have observed. You also need to provide explanation to the observations that are interesting or surprising. Please also list the important code snippets and/or commands followed by explanation. Simply attaching code/command or only screenshots without any explanation will not receive credits. Successful completion is required. 

-You also need to make a  Demo video should be 15 minutes (Unlisted YouTube link only) detailing all the steps of the presented attack and countermeasures. Also, power point presentation should be included in your video as well. Attack has to be demonstrated successfully to receive credit. 

-You must use this command export PS1=”F [email protected]:~$”  

as your first command to change the name in the  Linux terminal

Deadline: 4/30/2021

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