Lap report about concrete mix design and torsion test ( i have the

It’s a Civil Engineering lab, its due in 25 hours from now

We were assigned to make one Concrete sample in a certain shape, ( you can see it in the attached pictures ) 

and then, we had to test three Concrete samples , using the Torsion Test method. 

– The results of the test is attached in the pictures of each simple 

we used to make one Concrete : Gravel 91 lb , Water 18.6 lb , Sand 70 lb , cement 35 lb

**make sure that**

You Read about every thing before you start the work, from making Concrete, the materials, to the Torsion test.

write at least 3 pages

write the procedure of making Concrete and treasure test 

once you are done with writing, just attach the test results in the report in an appropriate place 

__ some pictures are not really important, they are there just to give you an idea of how the work was done.

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