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Discussion #2

Hold on to your socks, because this Discussion is weird. 

I am going to try something new and we will see how it works out. Basically, I want you to summarize an argument for the Midterm Essay (Option #1) and then reply back to a student with whom you disagree. If you chose Option #2 on the Midterm, you need to review the info on the New Deal. This Discussion only covers the Great Depression and New Deal.

Here’s how I want you to do it:

Start your initial reply with one of the following statements:

  -The New Deal did not go far enough

      -The New Deal was just right

      -The New Deal went too far

Then, give a brief summary of reasons for your position. Just highlight the key points to summarize your statement. Maybe back your points up with a fact or two.

After that comes the tricky part. Find a response that does not agree with yours (has a different opening statement) and, in a civil and respectful manner, explain why you disagree with counterpoints. Class, it is okay if people disagree! Hopefully we are not so partisan that we can understand people will look at the same issues with a different perspective. Be open to explaining and arguing your perspective. At the same time, be open to the fact that others might look at it differently.

In this Discussion more weight will be added to the reply than the initial response (20/30). Still, make sure both are clear and well stated.

 Hopefully a few students will post their thoughts earlier so there can be some responses before then. Also, you may always post more than the two times that are required (initial response and reply). You only need to post twice, but if you are interested in the debate you may post more.

Have fun with it and relax if someone disagrees. 

Or get pissed… just don’t let it show.

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