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Latent Print Processingprocess 2 porous and 2 nonporous items for latent prints using supplies you are able to obtain as described below:1. Black fingerprint powder 2. Crushed Charcoal 3. Unsweetened Cocoa 4. Corn Starch (last resort) 5. Fingerprint powdering brush or large make-up brush. 6. Clear wide scotch tape. 7. Index cards.It is not mandatory for you to purchase fingerprint supplies for this project.Process two of the following Nonporous items: window, glass table, or mirror and a door handleProcess two of the following Porous items: piece of paper and a wooden furniture item or wooden doordetail your experience with latent print processing, your results, and the value of latent prints.Be sure to address the following

  1. The total number of latent or partial latent fingerprints you located on each item and their location on the specific item
  2. A description of the supplies and techniques you used
  3. Your expectations vs. your results
  4. The value of latent fingerprint evidence in criminal investigations

f. Sudden death of a young chronic user of cocaine

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