Gender studies homework crenshaw reading

need someone to answer these questions in depth. Need it for a discussion post, she wants us to refer back to this crenshaw reading. 


Discussion 2 is a graded assignment. You must post a minimum of 3 times. Posts 1 and 2 are in response to my questions (see questions listed below). Post 3 is in response to a peer.  You must post 1st before in order to view and respond to others’ posts.  Respond to each question in a paragraph (minimum 19 sentences) and provide 1 citation each from the Crenshaw reading per question to state your point. Must be completed by Saturday 11.59 pm 4/17. 

Post1: 1. What do you understand by the terms “Political intersectionality” and “Representational intersectionality”? (Explain by providing definitions and citations for both terms). You may also provide examples to clarify the definitions.

Post 2: 2. What is your opinion on Crenshaw’s article regarding “intersectional identity is marginalizing for minority populations especially where “violence” is concerned.  

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