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Cyntoia Brown-Long, a criminal justice reform advocate who was released from prison last year following the commutation of her life sentence for killing a man, is the subject of Netflix’s latest true crime documentary, Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story.

Provide on

Background Information

Should include personal information such as client/client system age, gender/gender identity, family situation, occupation (if a minor, include grade level), family composition (if minor, what position within the family), marital status, ethic and or cultural background, pertinent family history. You can include if relevant, social, political and economic demographics. Include what’s your involvement. (Background information of the client must be disguised to maintain confidentiality)

Description of the Presenting Problem

(3) Provide details of the presenting problem. The presenting problem should include information relevant to research published information about the problem. Include any statistical information that describes the problems. For example, if the person is experiencing depression due to the loss of a love one, then, you should address the prevalence of grief and how it affects those experiencing the loss using your research article on death and dying. Provide signs and symptoms of the illness, environmental factors that affect the situation, and actual or potential resources within the community.


  • Describe the assessment work done with the client which can include agency assessment tools, diagnostic instruments, etc. used to arrive at a clear understanding of the presenting problems. Explain your understanding using theoretical frameworks in the analysis of the assessment data from the clients.  (Competency 7.a,b)

Mutually agreed-on goals

  • Describe what the mutually agreed-on goals you would use based on the assessment of the client’s strengths, needs, and challenges with the client system. (Competency 7, c)


Provide information from journals or professional research articles that offer insight into typical intervention methods that are used to address this problem. Describe what (2) intervention strategies you/your agency have/would choose to help the client/client system restart a more active and productive life. 

  • Based on your findings from the research article what insight might you offer the agency to inform and improve practice, policy, and service delivery? 
  • Explain the inter-professional collaborations were used to achieve beneficial practice outcomes? (Competency 4 b, c) (Competency 8 a, b, c) 

All research articles used should be included on your reference page.


  • What methods was used to evaluate the effectiveness of intervention outcomes of the client (survey, focus group, pre and post, etc.). Discuss and analyze your findings. (Competency 9 a, c)

Agency Analysis

Student’s Name: ________________________________

Gather the following information about your (2) agencies and provide a summary on the following: 

            Agency Summary

  1. Mission, goals, and objectives
  2. History
  3. Philosophy 
  4. Type of agency 
  5. Program services offered 
  6. Discussing your need for self-reflection in order to manage your personal bias with working with the client population. (Competency 1 b)
  7. Agency’s relationship to the larger community/service system 

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