Ethical decision making | Computer Science homework help

Resource: Decision Tree Example
Your team of international developers will be developing a publicly accessible cloud-based application which may potentially house user PII data along with information about users’ behaviors and activities (e.g., physical locations, online sites they visit, searches, purchases, etc.), and user’s intellectual property (e.g., photos, artwork, videos, etc.).

Based on your work in Weeks 3 and 4, develop an ethical decision-making illustration or decision tree that shows ways to address each risk if an actual incident occurs. Develop an ethical policy statement of the actions your team would take, keeping a global perspective in mind.

Using the Decision Tree Example provided as a guide, create a PowerPoint presentation containing 4 to 6 slides. Provide 1 file for the team. This example will help you develop your individual assignment in Week 5.

Note: You may use other applications like Adobe Spark, Microsoft Sway, or Mix instead of PowerPoint.

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