“ebay is the world’s largest online marketplace, with 97 million


Read Case #8 – “Two Trillion Rows of Data Analyzed Daily – No Problem” then answer the following questions:

  1. Explain how eBay is using BI tools to remain successful and competitive?
  2. Tableau is revolutionizing business analytics, and this is only the beginning. Visit the Tableau website and become familiar with the tool by watching a few of the demos. Once you have a good understanding of the tool, create three questions eBay might be using Tableau to answer, including the analysis of its sales data to find patterns, business insights and trends.

Your submission should be a Word document of at least 400 words, with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, including APA formatted references and in-text citations.


“eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace, with 97 million global users selling anything to any-one at a yearly total of $62 billion—more than $2,000 every second. Of course with this many sales, eBay is collecting the equivalent of the Library of Congress worth of data every 3 days that must be analyzed to run the business successfully. Luckily, eBay discovered Tableau!Tableau started at Stanford University when Chris Stolte, a computer scientist; Pat Hanrahan, an Academy Award–winning professor; and Christian Chabot, a savvy business leader, decided to solve the problem of helping ordinary people understand big data. The three created Tableau, which bridged two computer science disciplines: computer graphics and databases. No more need to write code or understand the relational database keys and categories; users simply drag and drop pictures of what they want to analyze. Tableau has become one of the most successful data visualization tools on the market, winning multiple awards, international expansion, and millions in revenue and spawn-ing multiple new inventions”

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