Discussion | SOCW 6456 – Social Work Practice With Couples and Family Systems | Walden University


Week7 6456 Life Transition and Developmental Issues I

If you think of this course as a journey, you have traveled quite far. You started by applying some of the most common theories to couples and families experiencing an array of problems. You then looked at some common issues that would impact the couple. Now, you return to the issues common to couples and families everywhere. Your work with couples therapy and diverse relationships may be labeled secondary prevention, as you are working with couples and families showing some—but not severe—signs of relational distress.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

Analyze theory-based interventions for couples and families experiencing life transition and/or developmental issues

Design treatment plans for couples or families experiencing life transition and developmental issues

Analyze evidence-based interventions for couple and family issues


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Discussion 2

Certain   elements of treatment planning for clients experiencing life transition and   developmental issues may be easier than others. For instance, it may be   obvious that a breadwinner’s job loss is the major concern facing a family.   The more difficult part may be crafting clinical and treatment formulations   for this issue that explain how it affects the clients, what needs they have,   and how you, as a helping professional, plan to intervene (Sperry, 2005). As   you examine life transition and developmental issues in this week and the   next, use your theoretical orientation to conceptualize the scenarios presented   and plan theory-based interventions.

For this   Discussion, consider a brief case history of a couple or family (this can be   one with which you are familiar or a fictional couple). Begin to   conceptualize the couple’s or family’s problem through your theoretical   orientation and identify interventions that you might use. Search the Walden   Library for articles that might be used to justify the interventions you   selected.


Post  a  brief description of the couple or family case. Explain the theories and     theory-based interventions to couples and families experiencing life     transition and developmental issues you will apply to this case. Then, 

• Develop and justify treatment plans for the fictional     couple or family experiencing life transition and developmental issues. 

• Conceptualize the couple’s or family’s problem through     your chosen theoretical orientation. 

• Design a treatment plan including short- and long-term     goals. 

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