Describe the effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the

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The effect of extremely low birth weight babies on the family and community is higher rates of both child-related family stress, longer stay and frequent visits to hospital, more financial expenditure, time consuming for the community that will leave other chores to show solidarity to one of them in the hospital. (Ralph 2018)

The short-term and long-term impacts is that the extremely low child weight babies are prone to increase risk of chronic conditions such as respiratory problems, poor post-natal growth, cerebral palsy, and infections. Increase needs for special education and services. Socioeconomic implication is that the family will not be able to socialize with others as they will be occupied with the survival of the child and this can throw them into poverty as they will be spending much in hospital admissions and doctor’s visit. The need for ongoing care is tremendous as these children usually go from one health challenge to the other. The comorbidities associated with prematurity are long-term neurological disability, impaired language development, and increased risk of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. (Willy 2019)

How disparities related to ethnic and cultural groups may contribute to low-birth-weight babies are some poor countries of the world that defer marriage longer in age due to poverty and still did not get good food to eat during pregnancy do end up having low birth weight baby. Some other cultures do not go for antenatal, but drink traditional concussion they believe will reduce the weight of the baby so that they will have easy delivery. This too contributes to the birth of extremely low birth weight babies. (Rauh 2020)

The support services within my community that assist with preterm infants and their families is Cabinet for Health and Family Services- Their link: The department work to improve the lives of the citizens and visitors through prevention of negative health outcomes, promotion of healthy lifestyles, protection of diseases and injury. (Culhane 2020)


  1. deRegnier RA. Neurophysiologic evaluation of brain
  2. Using 200-300 words APA format with references in discussion supporting the writer

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