Critical review literature (gender and socialization) | Soci210

     My Topic Is Gender and Socialization and I have to make a critical review following these instructions:


You are required to do a critical review of literature in the sociology of gender. This is an opportunity for you to summarize and critically analyze four assigned readings or videos on a single topic. It is not meant to summarize all the literature in the course. You choose the topic and readings. Critically analyze means you carefully choose a topic, sources, and compare and contrast them. It does not mean you criticize the sources.

In the assignment you should: 1) summarize the topic in 250 words or more, 2) state its importance in your thesis statement and bold your thesis statement; 3) provide at least three statistics related to the topic; 4) explain the arguments from readings or videos; and 5) compare and contrast the readings and videos. This is also how your assignment should be organized. This assignment should be your original thought and writing. You can use writing from discussion posts, but the writing needs to be revised to be considered academic writing. This means it should include in text citation phrases. 

Paper format 

  1. Use 12-point font, Times New Roman, with 1-inch margins and upload it to Canvas as a Word document (.docx), Rich text format (.rtf), or Adobe document (pdf).
  2. Page numbers should be at the bottom of each page.
  3. It should be double-spaced.
  4. It should be 1000 words minimum, which is approximately 4 to 5 pages, excluding a reference page.
  5. Bold the first in-text citation from your sources. Also, bold your thesis statement.
  6. These citations can be in any citation style (Chicago, MLA, etc.).

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