Create a stand alone web site

 Introduction: Apply learned skill to create a simple website with functional links Instructions: To complete your Final Project for CTI 110, you must create a stand-alone Web site. Your site must fulfill the following requirements. Three to five individual Web pages (of which one should be an “About” page containing your contact information using a mailto link) A hierarchy of navigation: User should be able to move from page to page freely At least one page which utilizes tables to display information At least one page which utilizes forms (such as a user feedback form) You should create a ZIP file containing the directories containing your site. You may optionally choose to host your website on a free website hosting service. Submit your project proposal and the completed site using the link below. Grading Criteria: Minimum of three pages (20 points each) Functional links + at least one image embedded ( 20 points) Table added to website (10 points) Simple form added to website (10 points) ATTACHED IS A PROJECT PROPOSAL. LOOKING FOR BASIC. NOTHING FANCY. AS LONG AS IT GET A 70% 

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