Chapter 6 pg. 158 | Law homework help




            2. How did Nasser’s personal story and work background affect his approach and philosophy on managing diversity?



3. Why was Ford’s evaluation system, the PMP, the source of contention for Ford employees who felt discriminated against? In moving away from the PMP, what did Ford do to improve this evaluation system? Did these changes create a more accurate system of evaluation?



4. The number of older workers in the workforce is increasing – many people now work into their late 60s and 70s. How can business adapt to and benefit from this trend?




Chapter 4 Pg. 98


Chapter 4 Pg. 94


Chapter 5 Pg. 109


Chapter 5 Pg. 115




Chapter 6 Pg. 158



Chapter 7 Pg. 172


Chapter 7 Pg. 180



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