Topic: supporting prescribing in older patients with multimorbidity

 Deadline: 21:00

  • Type: Article review
  • Subject: Medicine
  • Topic: Supporting prescribing in older patients with multimorbidity in Irish primary care (SPPiRE)
  • Style: Harvard
  • Number of pages: 5 pages/double spaced (1375 words)
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  • Number of source/references: 10
  • Extra features: Abstract page

Order instructions:300 words in the abstract.
I included the topic and guidelines in the attachment.

1. rent relies less on set design and more on the use of props.


1.  Rent relies less on set design and more on the use of props.  Discuss one prop that you thought played a significant role.  Explain. (2 points)

2. Rent deals with several mature themes– homelessness, drug addiction, AIDS, etc.  Discuss one of these and how it was demonstrated in the performance.  (2 points)   

3. Compare Rent to one of the other productions we have watched this semester. (3 points)  

4. Discuss your overall impression of the production.  What did you like about it?  How could it be improved?  Explain your answer.  (3 points)

Garden glory is a partnership that provides gardening

Garden Glory is a partnership that provides gardening and yard maintenance services to individuals and organizations. Garden Glory is owned by two partners, who employ two office administrators and a number of full- and part-time gardeners. Garden Glory will provide one-time garden services, but it specializes in ongoing service and maintenance. Many of its customers have multiple buildings, apartments, and rental houses that require gardening and lawn maintenance services.

Below is a sample list of owners, properties, and services that Garden Glory collects about for its business operation (you can refer to textbook Figure 2-34, pp. 115 to find the sample list as well).


5.5)   Write an SQL statement to list the names of employees who have worked on a property owned by a Corporation.

5.6)   Write an SQL statement to show the name and sum of HoursWorked for each employee.

5.7)   Write an SQL statement to show the sum of HoursWorked for each ExperienceLevel of EMPLOYEE.  Sort the results by ExperienceLevel in descending order.

5.8)   Write an SQL statement to show the sum of HoursWorked for each Type of OWNER but exclude services of employees who have an ExperienceLevel of Junior and exclude any Type with less than three members.



4) are preliminary results and recommendations based on the analysis


Each team is assigned two other teams for which to provide a 1 page presentation evaluation/feedback report. The quality of your report (defined by the accuracy and usefulness of the assessment) will be the basis for your grade.

Your report should address the following questions:

1) Was the project context clearly described and illustrated?

2) Are the objectives of the project and associated performance measures well define?

3) Has a quantitative IE analysis been conducted? Has the appropriate data been collected?

4) Are preliminary results and recommendations based on the analysis presented? Recommendations justified?

5) Was a summary slide provide that includes: project objective, recommendations, and justification?

these are some evaluation done by different group to these two team ( VA hospital team and AFF team) 

DON’T COPY AND PASTE WHAT THEY WROTE PLEASE just take a look and idea of what they wr

Please look at the section highlighted in red1. clarify whether the


Revision instructions are as follows:

CUSTOMIZE CONTENT: I have reorganized the answer to question 2

Please look at the section highlighted in red1. Clarify whether the project team is the change management team2. There seems to be a repetition of ideas in those sentences though I have tried to make changes3. Add one source to the paper

Thank you for cooperation.

Support Team  

Amusing ourselves to death – chapter 9: reach out and elect someone


Studying Amusing Ourselves to Death (Write a Chapter 9 Review)

Everyone is to read the two introductions and the foreword to the book.  Underline or otherwise note what interests you.  The “Introduction to the Twentieth Anniversary Edition” makes the case that a book which in 1985 focused so much on television is still relevant today.  For instance, he quotes one college student as saying, “When I go to a restaurant, everyone’s on their cell phone, talking or playing games.  I have no ability to sit by myself and just think.”  Several years ago, in discussing this book, one student athlete confessed in class that she realized how ridiculous things were getting on a road trip when so many of her team members were sitting in their seats texting other people on the bus.  “Why didn’t we just talk face-to-face to our friends on the team?” she wrote.  Inspired by this book, she began making a serious effort to communicate more often personally and directly with the people she cared about.

Author: Neil Postman                    

Publisher: penguin books             

Year: 2005                                   

Note that all the examples try to offer something useful at the


Dear writer,
1. Prepare a short analysis of the logic featured in “Immigration Time Out”. 
Your task is to explore at least two lines of deductive logic and identify at least one logical fallacy. To help your reader follow along, please insert figures (pictures) that graph out the logic into major premise, minor premise, and conclusion. Then you can simply refer to “the major premise in figure 1,” etc.

2. Attached you will find example introductions from previous students. Please read them carefully—really think about what the authors are doing at each step of the introduction. Some of these read very nicely!

Note that all the examples try to offer something useful at the thesis position: an offering to the audience of sorts. I want to encourage everyone to try to pin down what’s most important to understand after having gone through the steps of reading a text extra closely, mapping out what it actually says, and then evaluating its reasoning. Imagine your younger cousin or sibling as the reader, or perhaps imagine a kindhearted adult that must try to make the best choices with the information available (including political messages like this). I imagine you would have A LOT to tell readers like this!

PS – I wanted to pass along a link that I had mentioned: the SPLC’s hate group database mentions Buchanan’s influence in its entry about White Nationalism. Give this a read if you wish. Also note that, to my knowledge at least, Buchanan has never actually claimed to be a White Nationalist (though I’m certain he’s been called that by others). But his work resonates deeply within that community, and he has held a national platform since the 1980’s. He held official positions in several White House administrations and has appeared on TV news shows consistently for decades.


This is low hanging fruit for a reflective passage! And of course, there are perhaps less pointed options available as well—I would love to engage with a discussion about how we read and understand texts, what the reader’s role ought to be, etc. If possible, I challenge you to avoid a list of points in the reflection/discussion section—lead with a topic sentence and develop an extended statement if you can; if you have two big statements to make, perhaps you have two paragraphs to write. Or you can use the conclusion to separate your ideas into two “buckets” of varying levels of generality.

Thank you.
1.You need to complete this task in strict accordance with the detailed Requirements/Guidelines.
2.Must be original works, to prohibit any copying or plagiarism.
3.If you have any question on this task, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Lean metrics | Management homework help

Create a metrics subsection to your paper.  In this section create a “Metrics Dashboard” and document your work’s major workflow with perceived WIP limits.  Also calculate your AAR and ADR to determine what WIP optimizations you could realize.  Further, calculate the cycle time and lead time for a given work flow.  Write 750-1000 words about your findings and recommendations to remediate issues.  Be prepared to discuss.

Answer questions | Business & Finance homework help

Julie’s Rent-or-Buy Decision

Julie Brown is in her late 20s. She is renting an apartment in the fashionable part of town for $1,200 a month. After much thought, she’s seriously considering buying a condominium for $175,000. She intends to put 20 percent down and expects that closing costs will amount to another $5,000; a commercial bank has agreed to lend her money at the fixed rate of 6 percent on a 15-year mortgage. Julie would have to pay an annual condominium owner’s insurance premium of $600 and property taxes of $1,200 a year (she’s now paying renter’s insurance of $550 per year). In addition, she estimates that annual maintenance expenses will be about 0.5 percent of the price of the condo (which includes a $30 monthly fee to the property owners’ association). Julie’s income puts her in the 25 percent tax bracket (she itemizes her deductions on her tax returns), and she earns an after-tax rate of return on her investments of around 4 percent.

Critical Thinking Questions

Given the information provided, use Worksheet 5.2 to evaluate and compare Julie’s alternatives of remaining in the apartment or purchasing the condo. I have included a completed spreadsheet below. But review my entries and reconcile the numbers to the above facts presented. Be sure you can see where the numbers come from. Your task is to use this information and answer the following questions.

Working with a friend who is a realtor, Julie has learned that condos like the one that she’s thinking of buying are appreciating in value at the rate of 3.5 percent a year and are expected to continue doing so. Would such information affect the rent-or-buy decision. Explain. I have included the expected appreciation in the spreadsheet . What does this mean to Julie as she makes her decision? What does this mean in terms of building her net worth?

Discuss any other factors that should be considered when making a rent-or-buy decision.

Which alternative would you recommend for Julie in light of your analysis?

 Your submission should answer each question with a substantive paragraph of 4 – 5 sentences in length. Please type the question as well as your answer

Pc & industrial networks | Computer Science homework help

Users                       Workstations           Planned Expansion 


 Accounting Dept.             20                      14

All other Dept’s                 105                    15

 Wireless Users                 23                      0

The Corporate plan is to establish individual Subnets for the Accounting Department, the Wireless Network and the rest of the wired network. The goal is to keep the accounting data private and secure.

(a) Explain all Security measures you would recommend to SSK Software.
Assume SSK Software currently has no network security hardware/Software. What items would SSK Software need to purchase in order to implement your Security measures?


4. The following information was obtained from a host computer using TCPDUMP:

00:05:17.176507 > S 2688560409:2688560409(0) win 16384 <mss 1460> (DF) (ttl 46, id 20964) 00:05:17.176700 > S 774583594:774583594(0) ack 2688560410 win 8760 <mss 1460> (DF) (ttl 64, id 35473) 00:05:17.302784 > . ack 1 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21021)
00:05:17.906230 > P 1:93(92) ack 1win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35502)
00:05:18.021955 > P 1:29(28) ack 93 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21354)
00:05:18.023785 > P 93:184(91) ack 29 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35505)
00:05:18.140187 > P 29:67(38) ack 184 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21464)
00:05:18.174986 > P 184:229(45) ack 67 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35514)
00:05:18.289620 > P 67:99(32) ack 229 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21594)
00:05:18.298831 > . ack 99 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35523)
00:05:18.353209 > P 229:273(44) ack 99 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35524)
00:05:18.469836 > P 99:105(6) ack 273 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21661)
00:05:18.474644 > P 273:323(50) ack 105 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35529)
00:05:18.607459 > P 105:1129(1024) ack 323 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21704)
00:05:18.615449 > . 1129:2589(1460) ack 323 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21705)
00:05:18.695594 > . ack 2589 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35538)
00:05:18.818813 > P 2589:3698(1109) ack 323 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21827)
00:05:18.834821 > P 323:367(44) ack 3698 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35552)
00:05:18.979682 > P 3698:3704(6) ack 367 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21900)
00:05:18.979877 > F 3704:3704(0) ack 367 win 17520 (DF) (ttl 46, id 21901)
00:05:18.979957 > . ack 3705 win 8754 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35571)
00:05:18.983169 > F 412:412(0) ack 3705 win 8760 (DF) (ttl 64, id 35574)

  a. Describe what is occurring and how you know?

  b. What type of data (application) is being communicated and how do you know? 

  c.Was the entire transaction completed?

  d. Did this transaction use TCP, UDP or something else? How do you know?