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This is a group assignment with a minimum group size of two and a maximum group size of three.   All group members must be enrolled in the same tutorial.  There will be two parts to this assignment:

Part A: Group Work (A Business Report)

Part B: Individual Reflective Piece (A Ministerial Brief)

The allocation of marks:

Part A


       Statistical Analysis


      Professional Report


Part B




Group members will receive a common mark for Part A and an individual mark for Part B.

The response to Part A must be provided in the form of a business report with no more than 10 pages (including cover page). The structure of your business report must include 1] A Title, 2] An Executive Summary, 3] An Introduction, and 4] Conclusions.

The response to Part B must be provided in the form of a ministerial brief with no more 200 words containing no more than three graphs. Please clearly indicate your student ID and namefor your individual work. In addition please complete a Micro-credential on cross-cultural communication. Please ensure you provide a copy of the badge from the Micro-credential on cross-cultural communication in your submission. Click on the following link for instructions: Claiming Your Badge And Copying The URL For Submission.pdf

You must submit anelectronic copy (group response to Part A & compilation of individual responses to Part B) of your assignment in Canvas. See an attached Template of your submission for more details. Only one submission is required per group. Hard copies will not be accepted. SHOW YOUR WORKfor calculation based questions.

This assignment requires the use of Microsoft Excel.  If you have Windows, you will need to use the Data Analysis ToolPak.  If you have a Mac with Excel 2011, you may need to use StatPlus:MAC LE.

Problem Description:

The blockchain is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority (or a middle man). According to some, replacing the middle man with a revolutionary technology that is faster, cheaper and as secure will greatly improve market efficiency.

One application of blockchain technology in finance is the “cryptocurrencies”, with the best known example being “Bitcoin”. Some believe that such a secure, global, and digital currency represents the future of finance, while some are not optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. 

Useful links on blockchain and cryptocurrencies:

Your task is to evaluate recent prices of Bitcoin and based on this evidence whether individuals should invest in Bitcoin. There are two parts to this assignment, each of which is described in detail:

Part A (Group Work: 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 4 = 22 marks; professional report = 8 marks)

Locate the data file (Assignment_BusStats.xls) on CANVAS. 

1.     Using the most appropriate type of graph to present weekly closing price of the Bitcoin and provide a general description.  Hint: What are the main features of this graph, is there a trend? [Topic 1]                                  

2.    Calculate the weekly return and construct a histogram. Does the data appear normally distributed?   Is there evidence of outliers?  Hint: the formula for a return is (Current Price – Previous price)/Previous price multiplied by 100 [Topics 1-3]                                                         

3.    Calculate and interpret the three aspects of Descriptive Analysis, Location, Shape and Spread, for weekly return. [Topic 1]

4.     What is the empirical probability of a loss? [Topic 2]

5.     Repeat the same steps (steps 1-4 above) for three share prices in the Australia Securities Exchange: National Australia Bank (NAB) from the financial sector, Wesfarmers Limited (Wesfarmers) from the consumer discretionary sector, and Woodside Energy (Woodside) from the energy sector.

6.     Construct a 95% confidence interval of the return to Bitcoin and interpret the interval. How does your interval change if the level of confidence is 90% and 99% respectively, and explain why. [Topics 6-7]

7.     Construct a 95% confidence interval of the return to NAB, Wesfarmers, and Woodside respectively. [Topics 6-7]

8.     An investment advisor claimed that the return to Bitcoin is 4% while the returns to other three shares are no different from zero. Do you agree? Justify your reasoning using a two-tailed hypothesis test approach at the significance level of 5%. [Topic 8]

Part B (Individual Reflective Piece & Micro-credential, 10 marks) 

Write a ministerial brief of no more than 200 words containing no more than three graphs on whether you can confidently recommend investing in the Bitcoin, compared with ONE of three shares: NAB, Wesfarmers, and Woodside.  Each student within a group must comment on a different comparison.  Hint: draw on the evidence you have gathered from Part A, as well as other information/evidence not covered here but you believe is useful. Please clearly indicate your student ID and namefor your individual work (see Template). In addition please complete a Micro-credential on cross-cultural communication.

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