Applying theoretical frameworks | Literature homework help

You have distinguished theoretical from conceptual frameworks, and both types of frameworks from models. Also, you have learned the value and importance of identifying a relevant theoretical framework for your proposed research. In other readings this week, you read about a number of theoretical frameworks that are pertinent in public policy and administration. In this Discussion, you will identify two theoretical frameworks you might use in your research, at least one of which will become a section in your Prospectus.

By Day 3, post a brief description of your Dissertation topic and problem statement. Selecting at least two theoretical frameworks from the Shafritz and Sabatier & Weible texts, write 2–3 paragraphs on each:

  • Describe two theoretical frameworks and their relevance to your Dissertation topic and problem statement.
  • Why did you select one as being most appropriate for framing your proposed research? 
  • How do the two frameworks compare and on what basis would you decide which to use, or whether to use both?

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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