Annotated bibliography and research proposal

Topic – Dementia Patient and Caregivers 

For Annotated Bibliography continue with my previous paper. (3-4 pages) 

Annotated Bibliography and research Proposal is a formal writing that builds toward the final research paper, you can add new sources in this paper. (3-4 pages long excluding work cited) 

For Final Research paper continue with my previous paper as well. (8-10 pages)

Do not add any new sources than in Annotated bibliography. this formal paper showcase the research and revisions you undertake, and it includes a complete and correct works cited/bibliography. The best papers make an attempt to connect and relate the sources to each other. Imagine that you are weaving a web and the sources are what you are weaving together to make a single, larger web–your paper.The more connections you make among the sources, the stronger your paper will be (8-10 pages excluding work citation).

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