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Mass murder of any kind is devastating and tragic, but when a person kills his or her entire family, it is particularly difficult for the extended family and the community. In many cases of familicide, a series of behaviors precede the incident. These indicators can be very visible to outsiders, or they can be hidden deep within the family structure. As a forensic psychology professional, it is important that you are able to recognize these warning signs and offer help when needed.

In this Discussion, you analyze the case of Scott and Andrea, a couple whose relationship is headed down a dangerous path. Pay particular attention to the behavioral indicators in the scenes that could signal potential violence, and consider how you would intervene to prevent violence from taking place.
To prepare for this Discussion:

·  Review Scenes 1–6 of the Death in the Family podcast.

·  Listen to Scene 7 of the Death in the Family podcast.

By Day 3

Post a response to the following:

What are some behavioral indicators from Scenes 1–6 that signal a potential for violence within the scenario? Were there opportunities to intervene that may have changed the outcome of the case? What strategies could have been used to prevent the situations from escalating?


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