4. stars of radio. pick one of the first stars of radio that had a


Watch the following History Channel documentary about the history of radio. Follow the outline for your written portion.

1-Origins of Radio technology. Pick one person that is part of the technological development of radio and discuss their contribution and importance.

2- First applications of radio. Select one of the first events in radio transmission that stuck out to you and discuss it’s importance.

3 – Business of Radio. Select one person, invention, or event from the era of radio as big business and discuss how you think it impacted society.

4. Stars of Radio. Pick one of the first stars of radio that had a popular culture impact then discuss how it changed peoples lives.

Write around 5-6 paragraphs essay.

Here is a link for a video from youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoXc4PcPq4M#action=share

Just look the video and answer the questions which I posted in a form of essay.  

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