1000 words research paper urban development program

Please conduct some research an urban development program of a major US city.  The city must have a major league baseball team, an NBA basketball team and an NFL football team.  Discuss an urban development program that will or should affect a minority or under-represented group.  Produce a review that is at least 1000 word written in APA and submitted as an MS Word document.  At a minimum, these are the items that I will be grading:

1.  Originality:  Your work must be your own.

2.  Source:  The link that you used to find your information.

3.  Notability:  The research must be notable documentation on a required urban area.

4.  Content:  The review must consider thoughts on the:   a) effectiveness of the program mentioned; b) how the information was modeled. c) is there a method to evaluate the success of the program, d) describe the evaluation and effectiveness of the program

5.  Format:  The submission must be in APA format.

6.  Grammar:  No grammatical errors is the standard for graduate-level work.

7.  Word Count:  The submission must have at least 1000 words of related content.  (This word-count does not include cover page, table of content, abstract, reference page(s), citations, pictures or charts.)

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